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Hello friends, I'm Chikarin, the owner, designer, and maker of Chikarin's Jewelry. The start of my jewelry line was back from 2014 when I moved to Japan to study and live in the countryside. Surrounded by ancient forests and endless meadows have inspired me to capture the glorious beauty of nature into something that can be treasured and keep close to our hearts. That is when I started experiments with resin and collecting native natural elements. Back then, all my work with resin jewellery is pure of dream and passion. I have mastered the technique and process of working with resin and organic materials over the years and proudly been able to create jewellery pieces that can last a lifetime. When I moved to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, in 2017, I have a vision of myself becoming an owner of my own jewellery business so I took the opportunity and founded Chikarin's house. 

In my small home studio, each and every piece of jewellery is best-quality handcrafted by myself from start to finish. I collect flowers and plants that I grow in my garden, mushrooms, lichens and mosses in Nuuksio the ancient forest for Finland. The organic elements are then expertly dried with different techniques in order to entirely preserve their characteristics. With a unique imagination, I combine them with resin to create magnificent, cherishing and touching jewellery pieces. My knowledge and experiences with resin allow each and every piece to be crystal clear and enduring with a glasslike surface. To ensure that my jewellery can last for a lifetime, I use the best UV and scratch resistant resin available in the market. That means my pieces will not easily lose their shiny and water clear looks. However, it's crucial that the flowers and other organics elements keep their beauty for the years to come. In order to do that, I purify each and every organic piece before embedded them into the resin. The working condition is also taken care of to make sure that the humidity is always at 0%.

With all the love for Mother nature, I create this jewelry line to honour her magical creation. I take environmental matters very seriously. All of the ingredients and materials used come from sustainable suppliers in the European Union.

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    CHIKARIN™ is a jewelry brand founded by artist Chikarin on her passion for nature. The start of her jewelry line was back from 2014 after a trip to Japan... Read More